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About Hardwood Floor Decor and Care

Gerber Hardwood Flooring now offers DUSTLESS FLOOR SANDING

Here we grow again! Gerber Flooring Team is welcoming new Flooring Specialists. Our long time goal was to grow and learn, expand and offer more for the convenience of our Clients.

Celebrating our 18th Year Anniversary this year, we are pleased to introduce to you our Gerber Flooring Team Members.

Gerber Hardwood Flooring Richard Gerber, has been working with hardwood floors for over 22 years now. Within 3 years of starting to learn the trade, Richard decided to venture out and start his own company. Gerber Hardwood Flooring began in early 1995. Taking his first steps as a young business owner in Oakville, Ontario; Richard had many opportunities to work on large projects in affluent neighbourhoods of Oakville’s waterfront areas. Then Weston began to boom, so most of the jobs took Richard to the Northern Toronto areas. In 1997 together with his young family, Richard moved to the beautiful city of Barrie, and never looked back.

Gerber Hardwood Flooring took off in this vibrant, growing city. Richard is happy to be a part of this wonderful community. His happy Customers and Clients are the driving force behind his business. Word of mouth is Richard's main advertising medium. Word of Mouth and the Company Website...

Gerber Hardwood Flooring And here is where we meet another long-time member of the Gerber Flooring Team. Joanna Gerber - the driving force behind the website and company’s Social Media sites, Joanna is an Interior Decorator and former Realtor. She is the one you will most likely talk to when you call to book the Estimate visit. She will be the one guiding you through the color selection and finishing choices. Joanna has extensive hardwood flooring knowledge acquired over the last 18 years with the company.

She always loved the excitement and the possibilities interiors have to offer. She has her own happy Clients too. The Online Interior Design and Décor Consultations that she offers are the affordable way of getting your Interiors out of the slump...

Gerber Hardwood Flooring Adam Gerber is the youngest member of the Gerber Flooring Team. He is a first year Automotive Business School Student at Georgian College in Barrie. During his first encounter with hardwood installation at the age of 6; while he was laying out the boards to be installed, he showed his willingness and persistance to learn. He started helping his dad during his summers off from school when he was 12 years old. At that time it was the sweeping and vacuuming that needed to be done between stain and varnish coats... then he graduated to Edger work. At 14, Adam started to learn his way around the heavy sanders and started doing installation work. Today Adam is 19, he installs real hardwood as well as laminate and cork flooring. Under the watchful eye of his dad, he also does first sanding run-throughs.
Gerber Hardwood Flooring
Gerber Hardwood Flooring
Soon, you will meet the newest addition to our Gerber Flooring Team. We are finalizing arrangements to officially start working with other Flooring Professionals from the Barrie area. We will be introducing our Broadloom and Carpet Professional as well as our Marble and Ceramic Tile Specialists.

Today, Dustless Floor Refinishing is unanimous with Gerber Hardwood Flooring. We are now entering the 7th year of being able to provide this extraordinary service that allows your home improvement projects to be a bit less of a headache.

For a complete list of Services that Gerber Flooring Team provides, please go here.

Quality Workmanship, Competitive Prices and Reliable Service that we are known for, acquired us a strong reputation in the Barrie Community.

Our Gerber Flooring Team, is working hard to provide you, our clients with wood floor decor and care advice.

Gerber Flooring Team

We offer FREE, WRITTEN ESTIMATES - no obligation.

Please visit the following page for the list of services that we provide.

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