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Special Offers from Gerber Hardwood Flooring

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Special Offers for the Winter.   We are all getting back to reality after the holidays... many of us plan vacations in the sun, or somewhere on a mountain top.  Use your time away to revamp your hardwood.

How is your floor, does it look a bit tired?  Maybe it is time for a complete overhaul or perhaps just a little cosmetic "lift".  Special Offers

Now is time to take advantage of our Winter Special and breathe new life into your hardwood floor. You are, after all getting ready for the upcoming Spring and Summer, and we all know how busy that time can be. Do not miss out on this opportunity to have your hardwood floors refinished at and get a great deal too!  Call me today to schedule a visit, so we can tell you exactly what needs to be done, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Our Special Offers this Winter

Book your floor refinishing project to be completed by the end of November and receive a discount of $500.00 on final cost.   The project must be scheduled in such a way that it can be completed by January 31st, 2019


Offer valid for jobs over 300 sf. that are booked and completed between 
January 1st and January 31st, 2019

The availability is limited, please book early.  Schedule a Free Estimate below: 

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The information you provide through the forms on this website are NEVER used outside of our office, are never shared with anyone else, never sold or traded. Please be assured that your information is protected.
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How our projects are booked: 

We book not more than two projects a week.  We start larger projects on Mondays and smaller ones on Wednesdays.  We do not work on Sundays. Estimate visit is required, so we can provide you with a written estimate.  Once approved, you can choose your start date - in order to reserve your date, we need a signed copy of your estimate along with 25% booking deposit.  Remainder of the payment is due once the project is completed to your satisfaction. 

We strive to be as flexible with our scheduling as possible.  No other job will be scheduled to start on your chosen and confirmed start date.  It is crucial, that you are ready to proceed with your project on the date we agreed upon. Delays may result in the job cancellation and loss of the booking deposit.  

Other Benefits

Recently, we have implemented a program benefiting our Clients on a large scale.  Our Loyalty Cashback card that can be used around the world, locally as well as on-line is one-of-the-kind!   You can learn about it here and request your free cashback card here

Regretfully, we are unable to offer this benefit IF you are choosing any other posted Special Offer. 

Payment Options:

Within the last year, we have started to receive inquiries about credit card payments from few of our Clients.  We are happy to provide Credit Card payment options.  Please read the important information about additional charges that WILL apply, here. Our most convenient method of payment is an e-transfer; all payments made by personal check are deposited remotely using photo-technology. 

Conditions apply, not all floor-refinishing projects will qualify for this discount. This is a limited time offer that apply only to the flooring portion of the project and that can not be combined with any other offers, coupons or specials. We reserve the right to change and/or cancel this offer at any time and for any reason. Applies only to projects booked, confirmed and completed within the stated time period. Can not be applied to floor-refinishing projects with bleached, grey, white, or custom-mixed stains. Can-not be gifted, transferred or postponed to use at the future date. 

Call (705)721-1082 for details.
* DUSTLESS SANDING equipment reduces the amount of dust generated in traditional sanding process by about 90%.

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