Color Stains for Hardwood Floors

Why would you need custom stains?

When you searched high and low, and the stain that you need for your new floor is just not available... Perfect opportunity to work with your hardwood flooring professional and create a custom finish! You can be very precise and get exactly what you need.

If you love the richness of dark wood, but brown and ebony available on the market are not exactly what you had in mind... or if you need just a touch of red with that perfect brown, and it's not in any of the stores... R...E...L...A...X... We can help!

At Gerber Hardwood Flooring, we use high quality products from Minwax and from Dura Seal. Both companies offer wide selection of colors, that can be mixed to produce custom selection as per client needs and requests.

If you are not sure about your color decisions, feel free to contact our Interior Decorator, she will be happy to answer your questions and help you with your floor staining decisions.

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