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Tung Oil Flooring Day One Instructions

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Tung Oil Flooring Day One 

For the first coat thin the Pure Tung Oil 1 to 1 with thinner. Thinner can be mineral spirits (paint thinner), citrus solvent (all natural thinner), odorless mineral spirits or turpentine. I prefer not to use Naphtha, as it seems to dry too fast. If the surface seems to be very hard and non-absorbent, you can thin the oil down even more. 1 to 1 is the ratio that is a good starting point which I found works best for the first coat.

Tung Oil Flooring Day One procedures must take into consideration the density of your floors. If you have a very dense hardwood you may need a thinner ratio. Do a test spot to see if the Pure Tung oil / Solvent mix soaks into the wood. Adjust the ratio so it will soak in the 40 minute time frame. So lets right here make a rule to remember "The 40 minute Rule". If the ratio you are using does not absorb in 40 minutes add more thinner. Your can use a brush, finish pad or apply the oil with a sponge mop wrapped with old nylon stockings. The nylon stops the mop from tearing upon the floor. On floors, start at one corner and work your way to the other side with a liberal application of the one to one mix.

If the room is fairly large you will notice most of the oil soaked in where you started. Go back to the beginning and apply another coat. Continue to apply the oil from beginning to end in this fashion. You will do this until you have a uniform glossy surface for 20 to 40 minutes. If the room is not large, you should wait 20 to 40 minutes between applications. The Pure Tung Oil should stand on the surface for 20 to 40 minutes and stay glossy over 80% of the surface without really dry spots appearing. The really dry spots can be individually coated. You may have to apply 3 to 7 coats of oil one on top of the other until it stays glossy.

After all coats are applied and you waited 20 to 40 minutes you are now ready to wipe down the surface. Wipe all excess oil from the surface with lint free "T-shirt" type material. Hang rags out side to dry. Allow floor to dry over night.

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