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Old Pine Flooring Refinished

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Old Pine Flooring Refinished in Oro Medonte. 

This very old and heavily damaged Pine flooring was worn to the point of no return... yet the new owners of this home were hopeful that it can be restored. Old Pine floors can be refinished, however, there are certain limitations on what finishes can be used due to the absorbency of the species.  

In this case, a Polyurethane needed to be used, to allow for leased amount of varnish to seep into the spaces between the boards and to be soaked up by the wood. 

Old Pine Flooring Refinished 
Before & After

Polyurethane finish naturally yellows overtime; Pine flooring naturally has yellow undertones. In fact this is something that often prevents us from creating cool-grey flooring (one of the most popular looks at this time). 

In this case, the best possible refinishing options were used, to achieve the outcome that brought this tired, damaged, Pine flooring back to life. 

Please contact us, if you would like to transform your tired looking flooring and give it a new life.  You can request an Estimate here, or give us a call at 705-721-1082

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