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About Hardwood Floor Decor and Care

What is Dustless Refinishing? 

Dustless Floor Refinishing is very similar to conventional hardwood refinishing.  The top layers of wood are removed by sanding with a professional drum sander.  All equipment used, is directly connected to a powerful Dust Containment System from Bona.  This reduces the amount of dust generated by about 85%-90%.  It is important to know that the process is NOT completely dust free, but our professionals take additional steps to further reduce the amount of airborne dust by protecting the areas that are not being worked on.  ANYONE telling you that they can refinish your floors 100% dust FREE... is lying to you. 

Can't you just spot refinish it?

Small areas of damage can't be just spot refinished.  It is not technically possible to blend the new stain and varnish into existing areas around the damaged spot. You can find out more about this here.

Why should we go with Dustless?

Where do we start?  Have you ever had to clean up your home after you had your floor sanded? With our Bona Dust Containment system, 85%-90% of dust generated by the sanding process is directly removed from the sanding area.  There is almost no airborne dust, there is no dust going into your ducts, nothing sneaking into your carpets and no dust clinging to your walls, kitchen cabinets, light fixtures or appliances and electronics.  Our Clients are amazed with how huge of a difference it is.  We were sold on the system, the first time we refinished our floors and there was no huge clean up after.  

How long will it take to refinish my floors? 

Entire refinishing process, from start to finish (when the furniture can be placed back in the room) takes up to 7 days.  Sanding & conditioning of the wood (depending on the size of the area) takes one day; then stain application and drying - another day, followed by 3 or 4 varnish applications with 12 to 24 hours drying time between coats.  With the final coat requiring full 24 - 48 hours drying period. 

I have an old home, can I still refinish my floors?  FAQ

A 3/4" tongue & groove, solid wood flooring can be sanded and finished about 5 or 6 times in it's lifetime.  There are certain conditions, however.  The sub-flooring must be stable, leveled and even, and the flooring itself must be stable (securely attached to the sub-flooring).

Some engineered flooring may be refinished not more than once; providing they are glued on and not installed floating.

Do I need to move out when my floor is being refinished?

It really is a personal preference; most Clients prefer to go away for a week (often scheduling the work during their vacation); some want to stay.  It is entirely up to you.  The sanding process is loud, and although all the products that we use are low VOC , some people may not like the smell of the stain or the varnish.  

What about my pets? FAQ

It is recommended that the pets are not in the house while we work there.  Sanding machines are loud and pets may not tolerate the stress and the smell well.  For the highest quality finish we also need to reduce the possibility of dust and hair contamination.  Since most pets can shed hair, it is best that they are not there during staining and varnish application.  

Do I need to move the furniture out? 

Yes, please.  Your furniture must be removed from the areas that we will be working on prior to job start.

When can the furniture be moved back in? 

Your furniture can go back into the room within 48 hours of the final coat application; however, your carpets and area rugs should not be placed back until the finish is fully cured.  FAQ

Will you help me choose the right colour and finish? 

Yes!  That's the fun part!  Our Interior Decorator will be happy to guide you in making the best decision for your specific taste and lifestyle.  Here are the colors you can choose from.

How long will the finish last?

Your beautiful new finish should last about 4 -6 years with normal use and proper care.  No, you do not need to redo this entire process again in 4 years, but it it recommended that you consider re-buffing (buffing off the top coat of varnish) and re-applying a new coat to refresh your floors. This process does not change the colour of your floors.  FAQ

How durable is it? 

Newly (on-site) finished floor will never be as durable as a floor that was finished in the factory (pre-finished, than installed).  

How do you choose the products you recommend?

Our finishes are chosen based on several aspects.  We test the products in our own homes and keep track on how well they perform overtime.  We look for low smell levels (low VOC), an ease of application, low drying time, durability, and of course overall quality.  FAQ

Stains are tested and rated based on smell during application, quality of the colour and how true is it to the samples, and how compatible are they with waterborne finishes as those are often preferred by our Clients.

Can I talk to your previous Clients and see their floors? 

Yes, you will be able to talk to our previous Clients; we will provide up to four names that you can contact, if you want.  However, we will not be assisting you in arranging a viewing of their floors (understandably, that is not something our Clients are often willing to do).  You can view our past jobs here.

What kind of Insurance do you carry? FAQ

We carry both liability and disability insurance.  

How long have you been in business?

Richard started working as a hardwood flooring installer in 1991, and opened his own hardwood flooring business in April 1995.  Company has been working in the Barrie area since the Gerber family moved there in 1997.  They were the first company in Central Ontario to invest in the Dustless equipment in 2005.  You can meet Richard, Adam and Joanna, here.   FAQ

What are my responsibilities prior, during and after the refinishing process?

You will need to make sure that the walkway and stairs to your home are clear of debris, ice and snow.  Your furniture should be removed from the areas we will be working on, your electronics should be protected with plastic. (we do close off and protect the areas of the house that we will not be working on).  All your wall art should be removed from the walls and stored elsewhere in the house.  To make sure that your floor's new finishes last as long as possible, you should follow the care directions provided by our professionals.  

How should I care for my hardwood flooring?

Please visit this page for the detailed description of best practices for hardwood flooring maintenance. 

Can Fading and Discoloration due to Sunlight be avoided or remedied? 

We all know that direct sunlight causes fading of hardwood floors; it can be a problem for any homeowner. If your flooring was finished with a traditional polyurethane or oil-based varnish, not only will your wood fade overtime, it will also take on a yellow hue. Please visit this page for the detailed description of best options to avoid the problem of discoloration and fading due to Sunlight exposure. 

How to choose your contractors?

Before you start looking for and choosing your hardwood flooring contractors, ask your friends, family and neighbors about professionals that worked for them in the past, asked if they would use those people again and if they could recommend them to you. Read more here

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