Why should we go with
Real Hardwood Floor?

Home Real Hardwood Floor

Real Hardwood Floor is one of the best flooring choices on the market, it has been in the past and will be for years to come.

So... why Real Hardwood Floor?

With it's timeless beauty, warmth, durability and versatility it is a perfect choice for homes and apartments. Knowing this, you also need to remember that hardwood floor is an investment.

Used through out your home, from foyer, living room, through the dinning and kitchen areas and ending in your bedrooms, hallways, powder rooms and even bathrooms, it will add substantial value to your home, making it easier to resell if you come to that decision. 

Incredible beauty, feel and the ease of maintenance will make it a strong selling feature when potential buyers come calling.

Not long ago, we've seen carpets installed over hardwood. Now days we see the reverse. Not only we are removing the carpets, and restoring the floors underneath to their original glory, we are matching existing floors and adding new ones in all areas of our client's homes. We are ripping the carpet off of plywood sub-floors in new developments to install hardwood and add value, beauty, and make it easier on the allergy plagued population. Real Hardwood Floor will not only make your home nicer and more valuable, it will also make you healthier.

You may like the look and feel of thick, lush carpet, but you also must know how difficult it may be to keep it clean and fresh. It may seam easy to grab a vacuum, but if you are someone who needs to have all the vacuum lines going one way, that simple, relaxing activity may become a dreaded chore.

If your child suffers from allergies and you still believe that even thou your entire floor is covered with carpet, you can ease his suffering buy keeping everything clean and dust free. Well, good luck! With daily vacuuming, you will soon become cranky and exhausted. Take the simple solution: install real hardwood floors through out your home.

If you accidentally spill anything on your carpet, regardless if it has been protected with stain guard technology, that accident may become a tragedy if not addressed right away. Then, we have cats and dogs and the smell that just sits in your carpet and you can't get it out. Your cat loves to stretch and grab the carpet fibers with her front paws and little pull marks drive you crazy...

Or you can choose the better way to live, the easier way to take care of your home and have more time in your life for important things like... family. You may simply choose real hardwood floors for your home.


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