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Solid Hardwood Flooring

About Hardwood Floor Decor and Care

Solid Hardwood Flooring, all that you need to know

A wood floor can add warm tones and a stunning finish to any room. Constructed with pieces of solid wood they have tongue and groove sides so they can be easily connected together. Each piece has a different grain which combines to form a unique look whenever it is used. There is a huge variety of solid wood floors available with many types of wood species, colors and widths available at hardwood flooring suppliers. Solid Hardwood Flooring

The most popular option is oak wood flooring. Europe and America are both the main consumer and producer of this type of hardwood flooring. Oak is available in various types including red, white and European oak, each with their own hardness, grain and colour characteristics.


A cherry wood floor is another popular choice due to its striking grain markings and solid composition. Like other wood floors it is highly resistant to damage. Over time cherry wood flooring darkens from a pale pink color to warm dark red tone.

Exotic Hardwood Solid Hardwood Flooring

Exotic hardwoods can give a room a unique look are now readily available at major hardwood flooring suppliers. They can be found for sale alongside other classic real wood flooring such as maple, oak and ash. Real wood flooring can be purchased in pre-finished or unfinished styles. When laying unfinished wood flooring the product can be re-coated many times to increase its life and make it last considerably longer than other flooring options.


When laying solid wood floors, begin with a flat, dry and solid sub floor such as concrete, wood or cork. Carpet is not suitable as a sub base and must be removed. Any deviations in level should be rectified with suitable floor filler. A plastic barrier to stop moisture is recommended for floors that are being installed on concrete or in damp areas. Hardwood flooring should also be allowed time to acclimatize before it is set down by leaving it the room for several days. For a bathroom wood floor contact you local flooring supplier for suitable product support.

If you are using a wood floor sub base the solid wood floor should be installed at right angles to the original floorboards to aid strength and stability. An expansion area around the perimeter of the room is also recommended to allow for contractions and expansions throughout the winter and summer months. This expansion gap can be covered with skirting boards or a cover strip.

Solid wood floors are tough and hard wearing and by taking care of them their life can be prolonged. Keep gravel, dirt and grit at bay by using a doormat outside and inside the front door. Regular sweeping and vacuuming will take care of any dirt that does settle on the floor and will reduce scratches and everyday wear and tear. Avoid wearing stiletto heels on solid wood floors and if possible only wear indoor shoes or slippers on its surface. Solid Hardwood Flooring

Nothing comes close to the finish that can be achieved with a solid wood floor. By installing solid wood flooring the value of a home often increases and it can give a home the edge over similar property on the market. Solid wood floors are stain resistant and do not trap dust so are especially good for allergy sufferers. There is a wide range of tones, styles and prices on the market so whether you are looking for a cheap wood floor or the ultimate in hardwood flooring, you are sure to find the right match for your room.

Rami Nseir is a consultant for UK Carpets Direct who are specialist UK suppliers of hardwood flooring & laminate floors.

Wood floors have been around for centuries, and they're not going away anytime soon. They deliver beauty and decades of durability, no matter which species you end up with. Oak, ash, birch, walnut, hickory, and maple are just a few of the more common varieties, and each has its own unique coloring, grain patterns, and hardness. 

Wood floors are notoriously long-lasting, just look at the weathered wooden planks found in decades-old historic homes across Canada. Once you've decided on hardwood floors for your home, you will actually have a big impact on how well they wear over the years to come. It will all come down to the decisions you make, like how well you maintain the floors and who you have install them in the first place. 

Costs vary based on the hardwood species you choose, but in general, you can expect higher price tags on solid wood flooring products. The good news is that it's also entirely possible that you see your investment reflected back in a higher property value, plus you're getting several decades of stunning, durable floors.

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