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Choosing your Décor
at the Builder's Office

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Choosing your décor for a new home

Choosing your decor for a new home can be an overwhelming and yet exciting process.

The most exciting thing just happened, you bought a new home. You have been following the construction process, visiting the site every chance you've got. Now finally, the time came to choose your decorating scheme. You make an appointment with the builder's decorator and can not wait to go in, and choose the most perfect tiles, wall colors, cabinetry and flooring materials.

Before you make an appointment to visit builder's decorating center, and proceed with the process of choosing the décor, please take your time to decide on the style that most suits you and your family.

Be sure to consider your lifestyle as well 

It is wise, not only to look through the magazines and decorating websites, but also visit model homes, decorator's showcases and home shows in your area. This will give you some idea about the trends of the moment. You will be able to pinpoint the timeless classics that have worked for others and will work for you.

If you are not sure what decorating style you like, talk to your friends and family. Ask them to tell you what they think your style is. Make sure to tell them, that you are not looking for their take on what it should be. Let them tell you what they see, when they interact with you. You may be surprised what you may discover about yourself.

If you have a good friend, who knows you well, and is not afraid to tell you what she honestly thinks, take her with you to the builders decorating center. Ask her, to understand, that you may not necessarily like the things that she would like for herself, but you value her opinion and advice.

Working with an Interior Decorator 

Choosing your decor is an important step in the process of creating your own, personal space you can call home. That's why you should consider contacting a professional interior decorator.  We can visualize the future look of your dream home, based solely on information provided by you. We can guide you through, often overwhelming jungle of choices available. We can also keep you on track and within your set budget.

When meeting with an interior decorator, please take time to truly talk to them and to answer their questions. They may ask about things, you would never consider important. If they ask, how often you clean your home, do not be offended or shocked. If you hate vacuuming, tell them. Things like that need to be considered when choosing your decor and your interior scheme.

If you are starting out in life... 

And still have your collage-days furnishings, you are not sure yet of what you like and what your own style is, or if you simply do not have the budget to buy the things you love just jet, try to choose a neutral theme, one that will work well with the stuff you already have, even if it is just a milk create coffee table.

The process of choosing your decor should actually start at the book store or better yet on Once you search through the decorating books, it will be a good idea to prepare a scrap book of ideas, or a board on, fabric samples and paint colors, to visualize ahead of time the "look and feel" of the style that you like.

Just by collecting pictures from magazines and catalogs, a pattern or direction will be evident. Even if you feel that you do not know what you like, look through the magazines and books, mark the pages you like and then look back and compare. You style will be clearly visible in the pages you chose.

And don't forget to have fun through out the entire "choosing your decor" process!

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