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Gerber Hardwood Flooring Disclaimer


GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING, the publisher of has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy and to disclose our information gathering and dissemination practices. Questions regarding this statement should be directed to GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING at: (705) 721-1082

Privacy Policy is owned and published by GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING located in Moonstone, Ontario. (For the purpose of this document, sometimes, referred to as:"we", "us" and "our")

About our Company is a leading provider of decorating advice, specifically targeted at hardwood, but not limited to that form of floor covering. We also provide up-to-date advice on maintenance and care of hardwood floors. For last 28 years, GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING has been providing reliable hardwood flooring services to Central Ontario residents, builders, and businesses. We invite you to visit and explore our web site.

Information gathering and tracking

Our web site logs IP addresses and browser types, but we never link IP addresses to personally identifiable information. The user's session will be tracked, but he/she will remain anonymous. Information on our site can be accessed without entering any personal information and therefore you remain anonymous throughout the visit. There is an option to sign up for our free newsletter, information gather through this process will never be shared, sold or traded with any third party. If you choose to share with us, the demographic information as well as your preferences, it will be used by our research department to improve our site and the services and information that we provide. The only remaining place where we gather personal information on our Web Site, is on the order forms. Those ask for billing information like name, mailing address, e-mail address and credit card number, should you decide to place an order on line.

How do we use gathered information

Our web site logs IP addresses for system administration purposes, the information is analyzed and used to improve the content of our pages and the value of the material contained on our web site.


Occasionally, we will feature a survey available to our visitors and clients. Those surveys ask for contact information in the form of an e-mail address or a phone number, as well as the demographic information like postal code, city, age group or income bracket. Information gathered is used for research purposes solely by GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING and is not sold, traded or shared with any third parties.

Linking to our site

All the sites linking to have been reviewed and approved by it's editor. Linking sites must meet certain standards in order to be considered by our staff. The requirements are at sole discretion of GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING, it's owner's and associates. Information contained in the linked sites, not necessarily expresses the opinions of GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING,, it's publishers, owners and associates. Please be aware, that our privacy policy does not apply to any external sites linked to our site. 
HARDWOOD FLOOR DECOR AND CARE site has links to other sites, the publisher, GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING, it's owners and associates are not responsible for any content appearing on external sites. All the sites linking to us, are of highest quality and rating, featuring quality, high standard content. For the benefit of our clients and to maintain high rating of our own site, we do not link to any sites of poor standing.


Information gathered on our order forms are used to process your order, send you the products that you ordered. The information may be used for marketing purposes by us. The customer's contact information is also used to contact the visitor when necessary. Users will have the opportunity to opt-out of receiving any future contact from us. Information gathered on our estimate forms is used solely by our office representative to set an appointment and dispatch the specialist to see your floor.


When order is placed on line, the personal information and credit card information are scrambled using encryption techniques, prior to being transmitted over the Internet. That makes it impossible for the information to be intercepted, stolen or lost in any other way while being transmitted over the Net. When your order is received, it is encrypted until the time we are ready to process it. Also, your credit card information is not stored in our system, each time you place an order, the credit card information is processed and removed from the database. This way it is protected from any other parties.

Opt-Out Policy

Each and every visitor and client has an option, to request the removal from our newsletter mailing list. Previous clients and any persons "doing business" or using hardwood flooring services provided by GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING will remain in our database as a part of our business records, but if requested, it will be removed from our records.

Use of Information 

Any and all articles, opinions and statements included and presented on our site, are intended strictly for information purposes only. Any opinion on a product expressed on our site is intended to keep our clients informed, however our clients and visitors should never consider our own opinions as sole base for their decisions. Any such opinion on a product, service, and/or professional should never be considered offensive in any way as it is never intended to appear as such. Some services and products as well as professionals in the hardwood flooring field are rated by our clients and visitors. All clients are encouraged to make their own educated opinions on products, techniques, services and professionals that we recommend, and not to rely on our opinions only. Any recommendation presented on our sites is based on our own opinion, and the opinions of other professionals in this field. Products featured and/or sold on our site are not endorsed by the manufacturer in any way, and are recommended to our clients only if there is a solid reason to do so.

In order to provide specific and accurate advice, we need to actually meet with the client, see the floor, and make any recommendations in person and or in writing. We will not be responsible for any actions taken by the homeowner, client and or web site visitor and based solely on the advice and information found on our site.


All Web sites, information, products and web site services are provided, as is, without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose. GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING does not warrant, guarantee, or make representations regarding the use, or the result of the use, of the web site products, services or written material in terms of correctness, accuracy, reliability, currentness or otherwise. The entire risk as to the results and performance of the Web site, it's written material, products or services is assumed by the user. 

Any information included on HARDWOOD FLOOR DECOR AND CARE site is provided solely for the benefit of our clients and is intended as information only. GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING, it's owners, associates and the publishers of this web site are not responsible in any way for any damage or unexpected outcomes that may result from any action taken on the part of the client when he/or she follows advice and information featured on any of our sites.

Copy Rights

All original content and images that appear on HARDWOOD FLOOR DECOR AND CARE Web Site are copyrighted, are owned by GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING and may not be reproduced. 
Content provided by other authors and/or guests is also copyrighted, and can not be reproduced without consent from the author. Although the content of any article submitted from external sources is review by the publishers of HARDWOOD FLOOR DECOR AND CARE and information included in such article is verified, the publishers of HARDWOOD FLOOR DECOR AND CARE, the owners and associates of GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING are not responsible for any opinions expressed in such articles and for any omissions that they may include.


All questions regarding this policy statement should be directed to: GERBER HARDWOOD FLOORING OFFICE at (705)721-1082

Policy Amendment 

We reserve the right to change, update or amend this privacy policy at the future time by posting a revised version on our site. Nothing in this Privacy Policy is designed to protect the privacy of visitors whose use of this web site is, in our opinion, (or our attorneys, owners, associates or affiliates) intended for inappropriate, abusive or illegal purposes. Or for purposes of solicitation and would violate in any way the terms and conditions relating to use of this web site.

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