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Lyoness Information for Merchants and Organizations 

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Lyoness Information for Merchants page is intended for small and medium business owners who are looking to expand their Client reach and offer additional value to their Customers.  

Loyalty Program just right for YOUR Business

A small business owner rarely can afford to offer a Loyalty program for their Customers and Clients without reaching very deep into their pockets.  After all, we are not Canadian Tire or Sears... 

There is however an option for people just like you and me.  

Lyoness Loyalty program allows us to offer Cashback and Shopping Points to our Clients within the World-wide community of Member Merchants.  Yes, you read that right: WORLD-WIDE.  

AND... there are great benefits to you too.  

This is how it works: 

(16 minute video)

And one more here: 

(27 seconds video)

If you would like to start collecting your own points, while shopping, you can sign up for this FREE program here.

And here is few words on how Shopping Points work: 

(2 minute video)

Size of the Lyoness Network

It all started in Austria, in 2003 with just 3 Merchants... today Lyoness Network has grown to almost 6,500,000 participants all across the World. 

The program came to North America in 2011 and is now spreading like wildfire! 

Currently, our company is the only private Merchant offering this Loyalty program with such a wide reach in Simcoe County.  If you would like to join the program and start offering more value to your Customers while putting more money back into your business, please contact Joanna here.

Using Lyoness Cashback Cards to Raise Money for your Organization

Lyoness Loyalty program can be used by hockey clubs, skating schools, soccer clubs and any other sport organization (or any other community groups) to raise money to benefit that organization.  

Yes, there is an initial investment (not much is free in today's world after-all), but the long-time benefits of providing cashback cards to your members truly is astounding. Probably for the first time ever, you will be giving back to your members (fans, skating and hockey parents) something of additional value that they will not be required to pay for!    Just imagine their surprise, gratitude and the possibilities!  

Consider this Scenario - a daily occurrence in Europe right now...

You have a Soccer Team with fan-base of few thousand people.  Those are true fans, ready to support their team during the games, and off that field.  You provide them with a FREE Fan Card that offers Cashback to them each time they shop for groceries, gas, clothing, travel... the list goes on.  

AND...  0.5% of every penny that THEY spend comes back to you! 

Would you like to know how to get started with your own Member Loyalty Program?  

Please contact Joanna here.

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