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Payment Options for
Gerber Hardwood Flooring Services

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We offer a wide range of Payment Options for your convenience. Once your receive a written Estimate and are ready to accept the terms specified, we will ask you to send a signed copy back to us, along with a booking deposit to reserve your chosen start date. 

The Estimate now becomes a Legal Binding Contract.

If substantial material purchase is required we ask the Client to provide a deposit in the amount equal to the cost of material. Please keep in mind that those are custom orders and most of the time are not refundable when the Client changes their mind, and are subject to re-stocking fees imposed by our suppliers - those charges are responsibility of the Client. 

If a larger job is split into phases, the Client will be asked to issue a payment following the completion of each phase.

Full payment is required on completion of the job.

Square Card Reader:

Your Payment Choices:

We accept e-transfers, cash payments, certified & business checks, as well as pay-pal payments. 

E-transfers are deposited via an e-mail directly from your bank.  Such payment takes about 30 minutes to process, with immediate confirmation sent directly to you from your bank.   It may also be possible to use your credit card via this method.  Please contact your bank for details.

MASTER CARD, VISA & AMERICAN EXPRESS are accepted through Square Card Reader * (please read the note below for important processing information)

You can also request a copy of your Invoice.

IMPORTANT info about credit card payments

First time in over 24 years our Clients are starting to ask about credit card payment options; as many of them want to take advantage of the incentives offered via their credit card companies.

We would like to satisfy this need by offering Credit Card payment processing.  However since our prices have remained the same for over 12 years now, while cost of maintaining the quality of our services increased substantially; we can only offer the convenience of paying with the credit card at an ADDITIONAL cost to those Clients who would like to use this service.  The fees are as follows:

If your card can be swiped (is not damaged or dirty):

2.9% plus $0.30 processing fee per transaction (up to $2000.00) and

3.5% fee charges over $2000.00

Please note that the above fees are the exact cost charged by the Square Card Readers provider. 

Square Card Readers has been chosen as the best option (and most economical one) for this type of business, however does have limitations beyond our control;  the readers that we use are brand new, however they will not read cards with magnetic strips that are in any way damaged (scratched or dirty). If that's the case, the payment can only be processed manually - 3.5% processing fee applies.  

We are able to accept one time payments of up to $2000.00 only.  Any amount above $2000.00 will be processed the following day. The higher processing charges (3.5% of the total charged amount will be added to the final amount owed by the Client. 

We regret the need for charging our Clients for this service, however it is necessity in order to maintain our competitive prices.

By choosing to use this specific payment option, you agree to the above charges, that will be added to your invoice.  If would like to use your credit card and not be charged those additional fees, please look into Paypal options offered through your Paypal account.

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