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How to Create
Rustic Cottage Floors

From the desk of Joanna Gerber, a note about Rustic Cottage Floors

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How to give your cottage floors that rustic feel?  

Rustic Cottage Floors And a welcoming feeling for your space? 


Canadian Cottage Country welcomes you with open arms, for many the cottage time is the most awaited time of the year. It is when, if only for couple of weeks, you get to forget your daily troubles, you can relax and unwind. Here life is easier, slower, filled with love and affection. Here even your kids know how to talk to each other without screaming...Bliss.   rustic cottage floors

We all have that perfect image of a perfect cottage, for some it may be a picture straight out of the magazine, with custom furniture, antiques and priceless art on the walls. Others will visualize the cozy cabin in the woods, where that little house in the back has a cut-out moon on the door. I guess your perfect vision will always be perfect just for you.

No matter what you like, a cottage is a cottage, and the name itself portrays a certain image of it's own. Here there is a spot for all those things that you love, and yet would never have in your home in the city. Here you get to express yourself in a very special way.

Cottage Dreams

So perhaps you always dreamed of a true cottage, one that will welcome you with it's warmth and coziness. How do you achieve such feeling? Easy! Start with a floor, for it will be, besides the walls the biggest area that will affect the overall feel of the space. You want some rustic cottage floors? Here is your chance to shine. Good news too, this will not eat through your wallet!

If your cottage is not winterized, you will need to look into softer woods, those that will not be affected as much by the weather. For best rustic cottage floors, rustic pine is the perfect choice. Term "Rustic" specifies a grade or the quality of wood. You can also consider something called "Tavern" grade. Even if you don't like the light look that pine offers, don't worry, it can be stained.

Now how do you go about choosing the width and length of your rustic cottage floor boards? Rule of thumb: the wider-the better, the longer-the better. Here you can really do what ever you want!


What we did for one of our clients who wanted nothing but perfect rustic cottage floors, was to purchase 12 and 10' boards of low quality ash, that the factory had lying around. We then installed the rustic floor on a diagonal, accented the beautiful grain with a custom stain mixed just for that location and sealed the spectacular character of that rustic floor with top quality, very durable, gym finish in high gloss.

That rustic cottage floor is a showpiece admired by any one walking in. And... the factory owner was thrilled, because we took quiet a load off his hands, he was able to sell a stock that was not very movable. The client was happy, because we were able to keep the cost down, because of that as well.


To create that one of the kind, perfect rustic cottage feel in your vacation home, you also need to consider floor color. As I mentioned before, light color of pine is not well liked any more and in fact can be considered dated and old fashion... I mean it works in an old farm house, but in a cozy cottage, it has to be different.

You would not want to go black or ebony here. Keep your choices in the warm medium-dark tones with a hint of honey and red. You do not need to match the color to your existing furniture that came with the cottage... Floor is there to ground everything, and to pull the look together. So don't be afraid to do something different.

Some designers will tell you that it's a crime to mix more than 2 wood colors in one space. Others will cheer you on and tell you, mix all you want! It's all up to you. You will know, if it feels right or not. It's your space, so if you love that old table, and hate the chairs, keep the table and toss the chairs! The space has to work for you.

Don't be afraid to change the look of your cottage, we all need a little "new" in our lives. Respect your surroundings and listen to yourself. You and only you will know best what you love about that perfect cottage feeling. We, decorators are there to guide you and help you find your perfect interior, because you already know what it should be, even for your cottage.

To book an appointment for your rustic cottage floor project, call Joanna at (705) 721-1082.  

Have fun dreaming of your Summer cottage get-togethers!

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