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Interior Decorating Hardwood Flooring Consultations

Interior DecoratingHardwood Flooring Consultations

About Hardwood Floor Decor and Care

Interior Decorating Hardwood Flooring Consultations that can be done right here at Gerber Hardwood Flooring, allows us to keep all aspects of your flooring project in check and easy to control.  

An Interior Decorator will help you with the most difficult decisions on your hardwood floor décor.  Your décor scheme should always include hardwood flooring decisions and consider your decorating style.  Experienced Decorator will be able to answer any questions you may have in that regard.

At Gerber Hardwood Flooring we have a Certified Interior Decorator at your disposal.

Interior Decorating Hardwood Flooring Consultations
with Joanna Gerber

Joanna Gerber, not only is a co-owner of the company she also has 29 years of practical hardwood flooring consulting experience and a keen eye for interior décor.

With educational background in arts and photography, her interests evolved to include interior décor, and soft furnishing design. With her decorating diploma, true love of innovative design and insiders knowledge of hardwood flooring options, she is a valuable asset to our Clients.

Not only she will be able to asses your decorating needs, she will advise you on right decorating choices for your lifestyle. If decorating on a budget is in your plans, Joanna loves the challenge.

If you would like to give decorating a try on your own, and just don't know where to start, let us suggest this book. It is written in an easy to understand and fun to read way. You will be your own skilled decorator in no time at all. Check it out right here.

For your decorating needs and hardwood floor decor advice, please contact Joanna Gerber at (705)721-1082

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